Embracing the 2023 Holiday Season: Insights from the Real Estate and Rental Markets

Introduction by Eleazar Lua:

Hello, and happy holidays! I’m Eleazar Lua, a licensed realtor and the visionary behind Vacanza Stays. My expertise spans the real estate and vacation rental markets in California. Today, I’m excited to share the latest trends from Lodgify, Hostaway, and the Greater Palm Springs area.

Lodgify’s Key Insights:

  1. Early Booking Surge: A significant 63% of bookings are made at least two months ahead.
  2. Accessible Rates: ADRs have decreased by 2% since 2022, offering affordability.
  3. Shorter Stays Trend: Guests prefer shorter stays, with a 9.5% decrease in the average stay length.
  4. Direct Booking Preference: Direct bookings have seen a notable drop in ADR.
  5. Holiday Market Popularity: The winter holidays are drawing increased attention from travelers.

Greater Palm Springs Area Insights:

  1. Occupancy Rates: Notable fluctuations in occupancy rates throughout the year.
  2. ADR Trends: Varied ADR trends indicate a dynamic market.
  3. Seasonal Differences: Distinct occupancy trends between peak and off-peak seasons.
  4. Regional Attractiveness: Continual guest interest in the Greater Palm Springs area.
  5. Market Resilience: Despite changes, the region remains a popular destination.

Hostaway’s 2023 Report Highlights:

  1. Market Competition: 81% of respondents observed increased competition.
  2. Technology and AI: The dual role of technology as both a challenge and solution, with AI gaining traction.
  3. Optimism for 2024: A positive outlook with expected increases in ADR and occupancy.
  4. Investment Focus: Emphasis on inventory growth, technology, and staffing.
  5. Adapting to Economic Uncertainties: Strategies for resilience amidst economic changes.

From Eleazar Lua:

As your go-to expert in the greater Palm Springs real estate and vacation rentals, I’m here to guide you through these evolving markets. If you have concerns about market trends or are considering a property investment, let’s discuss how my services can benefit you. From vacation rentals in Indio to Palms Springs, I can provide the best data to ensure you achieve your objective. Contact me for tailored real estate solutions Eleazar@EleazarLuaRealEstate.com


This holiday season offers unique opportunities in both real estate and vacation rentals. With comprehensive insights from Hostaway, Lodgify, and the ever-popular Greater Palm Springs area (discover more), I’m excited to guide you to your next successful investment.

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