How iHost is Revolutionizing Rental Property Management for Investors

In the ever-evolving landscape of short-term rental properties, the line between profitability and a financial sinkhole has never been thinner. As rental incomes continue on a downtrend and property management fees, continue to eat into profits, investors are seeking solutions that save on costs and enhance the performance of their listings. My journey in the real estate sector, particularly in identifying single-family homes ripe for short-term vacation rental listings, has equipped me with invaluable insights and a deep understanding of investor needs. This experience was instrumental in foreseeing the impending challenges of decreased rental incomes—a foresight that led to the creation of iHost. A groundbreaking solution that’s setting a new standard in rental property management space. In the past couple of years, we have witnessed a seismic shift in the short-term rental market. Rental incomes have seen significant variations, and with traditional property management fees claiming 20-25% of gross rent, the financial viability of investment properties has been under threat. Against this backdrop, we noticed the first significant decline in Q1 of 2023. This prompted us to innovate a solution redefining property management.

Introducing iHost: Your Partner.

iHost is not just a service; it’s a partnership designed to empower investors to take control of their property management while dramatically reducing expenses. Born from a collaboration with Streamline and perfected through a year of rigorous testing, iHost officially launched on February 1st, 2024, marking a new era in investment property management for the average investor who wants to take matters into their own hands to make their investments increase their returns on investment (ROI).

Why Choose iHost?

iHost offers a suite of benefits tailored to address the challenges today’s investors face:

Maximized Visibility: List your property across VacanzaStays.com, Airbnb, and Vrbo and manage on one account. Your properties get exposed to all past travelers in the Vacanza Stays network.

Instantly Access a PMS : Access the BEST property management system available in the market today. You simply pay $25.00 a month per property. Set up fee with iHost is FREE.

Expert Support: Vacanza Stays’ team provides daily support via Slack, offering guidance and sharing a decade’s worth of industry insights. This support includes advice on everything you can possibly think of. From advice on forming an entity to preparing separating from a management company, to advise on managing the day to day operations of any size portfolio.

Personalized Coaching: Direct access to Eleazar Lua, CEO of Vacanza Stays, for 1:1 coaching sessions to delve into industry secrets and strategies for success.

Operational Excellence: Partnerships with top virtual assistants and cleaning service providers ensure your operations are seamless and efficient.

Insurance Peace of Mind: Every reservation includes an insurance policy through Safely, offering you comprehensive coverage without any additional effort. Our team will guide you on filing these claims to ensure your success rate with claims meets your expectations. We collect the $99.00 fee per reservation and pay the insurance company (Safely) ourselves.

The iHost Advantage: Simplified Fees, Maximized Earnings

Our transparent pricing model includes a minimal 2% service fee for Vrbo bookings, 3% for Airbnb bookings, and FREE for Vacanza Stays. These fees are added on top of the gross rental income ONLY. For example, if your rental rate totals $1,000 on Vrbo, the potential guest will see $1,020. We collect the $20.00 and send you the rest on the payout.

Here’s how you can tell if iHost is tailored to meet your needs.

New to Rental Property Investment.

Embarking on your rental property journey can seem overwhelming, but with iHost, you gain an immediate advantage. Backed by the robust support of Vacanza Stays and guided by a team led by a CEO with over a decade of experience and more than $35M in bookings generated, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining an instant infrastructure. This is ideal for those new to the industry and looking for a comprehensive support system to kickstart their venture.

Owners of Multiple Properties or Facing High Management Fees

If your portfolio includes three or more properties, or if you’re seeing management commissions eat away over $80K a year from your profits, iHost offers a solution designed to scale back on those fees significantly. Our model is built to support investors looking to retain more of their earnings without sacrificing the quality of management and guest satisfaction.

Experiencing a Shift From Positive to Negative Cash Flow

For property owners who’ve noticed a shift from positive to negative cash flow in the last six months under a management company, iHost provides a lifeline. Our system is designed to reverse this trend, leveraging strategic listing practices and operational efficiencies to rejuvenate your investment’s profitability.

Seeking Support and Enhanced Exposure After Moving Away From Management Companies

Transitioning away from a property management company can leave a gap in support and exposure. iHost fills this gap, welcoming single home investors who need a helping hand and more visibility for their listings. Whether you’re looking to amplify your property’s presence on major platforms like Airbnb.com, Vrbo.com, and VacanzaStays.com or simply need guidance in managing your investment more effectively, iHost is here to assist. YOUR LISTINGS CAN BE LIVE IN A QUICK AS 72HOURS!

No experience with building your own website.

Stepping into the digital realm with your rental business doesn’t have to come with the daunting task and high costs of building and maintaining your own website. Creating a professional, functional site can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, potentially more for those unfamiliar with the process due to common and costly mistakes. iHost eliminates this barrier, providing you with a platform and the exposure you need without the hefty investment, making it easier to focus on what you do best: managing and growing your rental portfolio.

Join the Revolution!

iHost is more than just a property management solution—it’s a movement towards more intelligent, more profitable investment strategies in the short-term rental market. By integrating cutting-edge technology with expert insights and support, iHost empowers property investors to navigate the challenges of today’s rental landscape with confidence and success.

Are you ready to transform your rental property investment? Join the iHost revolution today and experience the future of property management. Call me today. LIMITED ACCESS. Apply today to see if you are a good fit!

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